MYO is proud to be using our very own exclusive coffee blend, crafted by Coffee by Design a division of Australia’s most awarded coffee company, Di Bella Coffee. MYO’s exclusive coffee is a sweet caramel and creamy butterscotch blend with deeply satisfying mouth feel and a pleasant hazel-nut finish, specially roasted by Phillip Di Bella.

Coffee By Design

Crop To Cup - Ethically Responsible Coffee

Our coffee is sourced using an ethically responsible “crop to cup” philosophy – which ensures that the coffee farmers from whom they purchase green beans are always paid the highest prices for their product. This in turn, affords farmers the opportunity to implement positive changes for their workers, through respectful employment, healthcare and educational programs for them and their children.

At MYO we consider the ethical production of coffee as important as the taste, which is another reason why we chose Coffee by Design to create our unique blend.